for osteotomies, arthrodeses and fractures on the forefoot.

3.0mm HBS compression screws for universal application in forefoot surgery, e.g. the fixation of small intra-articular bone segments.

Ø4.0mm head thread
Ø2.0mm shaft diameter
Ø3.0mm shaft thread
Cutting flutes on the threaded screwhead of the HBS compression screw facilitate the countersinking of the screwhead.
The Ø1.0mm cannulation allows for of a guided insertion of the screw. The self-drilling/ self-tapping tip of the HBS compression screw ensures a simplified and rapid insertion into the bone.
2.0mm snap-off screws with a 'low profile' head and a self-drilling/ self-tapping tip for a simplified, rapid and full insertion into the bone.
For the fixation of osteotomies, especially the Weil osteotomy.
8mm and 10mm titanium varisation staples in different angulations.
Ideal for the fixation of Akin osteotomies.