3.5mm Patella-Plating-System

for the treatment of simple fractures, multi fragment fractures and comminuted fractures of the patella.

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The special surface coating of the plates and screws (Type II anodization) favours a simplified removal of the implants after fracture healing.

Dedicated Kirschner wire holes in the plate allow for temporary Kirschner wire fixation to facilitate the positioning of the plate on the bone.
Suture holes alongside the edge of the plate allow additional fixation with sutures. Suture feeding is enabled through the undercuts with the plate in situ.
Rounded edges, the slim plate profile, the smooth coated surface as well as screws that sit flush on the plate reduce the risk of irritation of the surrounding soft tissue.
11 screw holes allow for intraoperative flexibility and an individual consideration of the respective fracture pattern.
3.5mm 'low profile' locking head screws ensure an angular stable fracture treatment while maintaining a low osteosynthesis profile.

The T15 screw drive ensures optimal force transmission, reduces the risk of deformation of the screw drive and allows for self-retention of the screw on the screwdriver.