4.3mm & 7.0mm Headless Compression Screws

for the fixation of fractures, the reconstruction of small to large bones and arthrodeses in the foot.

Surgical Technique Guide Clinical Case 1
4.3mm Headless Compression Screw
Ø5.8mm head thread
Ø3.0mm shaft diameter
Ø4.3mm shaft thread

7.0mm Headless Compression Screw
Ø10.0mm head thread
Ø4.8mm shaft diameter
Ø7.0mm shaft thread
The cutting flutes on the threaded screwhead of the Headless Compression Screw facilitate the countersinking of the screwhead.
The sleeve system and the cannulation enable a guided insertion of the screw in a minimally invasive technique.
The self-drilling/ self-tapping tip of the Headless Compression Screw ensure a simplified insertion into the bone.

7.0mm Headless Compression Screws with reverse-cutting flutes for safe and simplified removal of the implant after fracture healing.
7.0mm Headless Compression Screws with different shaft thread lengths options (16mm/ 32mm) allow for intra-operative flexibility and the treatment of different of indications.